Trade One Kind of Green for Another: Even More Cash for Your (Landscape) Grass

Want to get away?  Think that Hawaiian vacay is out of your price range?  Well, if you still have a lush green lawn on your property, maybe not. The price for grass has doubled!  Quick, cash in now and make up to $4,000 (depending on the size of your lawn).

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s turf removal rebate, or “cash for grass” program is back and better than ever. The price per square foot has increased from $1 to $2. This incentive program to replace thirsty lawns with more climate-appropriate landscapes for LA’s dry summers and chronic water shortages is for LADWP residential customers, who are now eligible to receive up to $4,000 for removing their turf.

Here’s the deal. You’ve got to get pre-approved (which essentially means filling out a form and taking a few photos).

Once you’re pre-approved, get to work!  Be sure to complete your project—which is a great opportunity to plant native and climate-friendly plants and trees—within 120 days, then kick-back and start planning that trip to the Big Island. Or, maybe even better, just stay home and enjoy your sustainable and beautiful new landscape.


Photo by Marvin Steindler

By Lisa Cahill

Lisa Cahill first began her work with TreePeople as a volunteer Citizen Forester. She currently serves on the board of directors for the reDiscover Center, continues to volunteer as a Citizen Forester, has been on the Mar Vista Green Garden Tour and serves on several green committees at her church and children's schools. She most enjoys working in the garden with her husband, watching her children and vegetables grow.