What Kind of Tree Is That?

Ever notice the trees in your neighborhood?

Maybe they are spectacular specimens with giant canopies that shade the streets and make you want to be a kid again and climb to the top. Or maybe they are small, under-cared for, half-dying trees, and it’s not even clear what kind they are.

More than likely, it is a mix. And that’s where two of TreePeople’s programs can really help out. Our tree care program is extensive. At TreePeople, when we plant a tree, we stay with it for a full 5 years to care for and maintain it until it is established. We also name every tree we plant: In addition to the official label Quercus, or oak, for instance, TreePeople trees carry names in honor of new babies or good friends, or they’re given fun names by students at our public school campus plantings. When you know someone’s name, you’re much more likely to care about them.

We also organize monthly public Branching Out Community Tree Walks to help people learn to ID the trees in their neighborhoods. Exploring a different area of the city every month, we come together to meet like-minded folks, get some light exercise, and develop our “tree-vision.”

Check out our videos and guidelines and/or start your own community tree care team and adopt some trees in your neighborhood to give them a little TLC. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live where all the trees are thriving, why not volunteer to host a Community Tree Walk? Get acquainted with trees at this fun event and meet neighbors who share your passion for helping nature heal our city!


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Branching Out Community Tree WalkMarch 17

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By Lisa Cahill

Lisa Cahill first began her work with TreePeople as a volunteer Citizen Forester. She currently serves on the board of directors for the reDiscover Center, continues to volunteer as a Citizen Forester, has been on the Mar Vista Green Garden Tour and serves on several green committees at her church and children's schools. She most enjoys working in the garden with her husband, watching her children and vegetables grow.