Learn How to Get Your Landscape Really Green

You may have noticed that some years in Los Angeles County are wetter—or drier—than others. And in wet years you may also have noticed a lot of unfiltered water rushing off paved surfaces, into storm drains, and out to sea carrying whatever pollutants it washes over. So, not only are we losing water that could be captured for local use or returned to the ground for irrigation, we’re failing to clean it up before it enters our waterways.

But did you know that even in times of drought, what little moisture falls from the sky can be harvested and put to use? Even better, you can start doing this at your own house and in your neighborhood. TreePeople will teach you how on Saturday, February 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at our Coldwater Canyon Park headquarters.

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Rainwater Harvesting
Want to install a rain barrel but not sure how? Thinking about ripping out your lawn, but not sure where to begin? Rainwater harvesting entails simple DIY projects for individuals, schools, and even businesses, that benefit you and our city in so many ways. You’ll learn about how berms, swales, and native plants combine to create rain gardens and other rain harvesting solutions. We’ll teach you how to perform a site analysis, create a design, and choose appropriate plant species for a rain garden. Bonus: For adding this valuable asset to a landscape, select DWP residential customers are eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000!

Native Plants and Turf Reduction
Worried about water restrictions and rising costs? Prepare to amaze your neighbors when they find out about the money-saving strategies you’re using to curb utilities bills and reduce waste. TreePeople ISA certified arborist Linda Eremita will teach you about the beautiful, low-maintenance, California native plants best suited for your garden. Learn proper water management techniques, such as eliminating thirsty landscapes and converting your sprinklers to a more efficient irrigation system, and receive information necessary to determine what is appropriate for your site. Bonus: A tour of on-site native plants!

Citizen Forestry: Tree Planting
As a Citizen Forester, you can lead others in making your neighborhood streets, schools, and homes more sustainable. Learn from us to choose the right tree for the right place. We’ll cover all the steps for getting your project off the ground and equip you with support materials needed to complete your project with city and/or school district approval. Learn strategies for fund-raising, organizing events, and managing volunteers. Bonus: Thanks to your leadership, everyone in the community will know that your neighborhood cares enough to invest time in its own improvement!


Trees help filter water that would otherwise run off, polluted, into our waterways. Keeping water quality high is essential to the health of cities and the people who live in them. Want to know how? Take TreePeople’s Water Quality Quiz!


By Carolyn Gray Anderson

Carolyn Gray Anderson is an editor, writer, and nonprofit communications professional in Los Angeles. She volunteers regularly with Good Karma Gardens and at the Learning Garden at Venice High School, enjoying many a meal straight from the earth. She loves TreePeople almost as much as she loves trees.