Check Off Your Unbucket List

Just when you thought you didn’t need another to-do list in your life, Unbucket launches to encourage your list to grow. With Unbucket, you can to expand your to-do list in the direction of the things—outdoor activities, charitable causes, learning opportunities, intellectual pursuits—you’re most passionate about.

Unbucket is an app for sharing lists of things to experience with the people you care about most. TreePeople compiled a list of Simple Steps to Grow a Greener City that invites you to make an immediate contribution to enhancing the urban forest by planting a new tree with your neighbors or getting the kids involved in setting up a rain barrel to catch runoff for irrigating your outdoor plants.

Brian Berman and Elliot Darvick, the Los Angeles–based co-founders of Unbucket, created an interface that encourages shared lists that aim for “we-could-do-these-tomorrow items,” rather than overambitious or exotic plans to carry out before, say, kicking the bucket. “We celebrate the achievable,” says Darvick, “the small, near, and soon.”

New users set up an Unbucket account online and can opt in to lists already posted on the site, like TreePeople’s, or they can create their own lists to share with the people they want to involve face to face.

Enjoy Brian and Elliot’s conversation with our own Lisa Cahill to learn how people are as central to TreePeople’s Unbucket list as trees. And start checking things off your own Unbucket list today!

By Carolyn Gray Anderson

Carolyn Gray Anderson is an editor, writer, and nonprofit communications professional in Los Angeles. She volunteers regularly with Good Karma Gardens and at the Learning Garden at Venice High School, enjoying many a meal straight from the earth. She loves TreePeople almost as much as she loves trees.