4 Ways to Spread the Tree-Love on Valentine’s Day

No matter if you’re celebrating “Single’s Awareness Day,” or if you’re spending the day with your sweetie, TreePeople has your tree-love needs covered! Get Some Fresh Air: Take a Trip to Los Feliz for a Park Tree Planting!   In honor of St. Valentine, we’re spreading the love in the heart of LA at a […]

I Am TreePeople: Maya Alarcon

I Am TreePeople: Maya Alarcon  TreePeople has a legacy of mobilizing communities. But it’s the stories of the people at the roots of our work that inspire us every day to keep greening our city for generations to come. Meet Maya Alarcon, a TreePeople volunteer and the first in the lineup for our story series, […]

Where did 356 sq ft of Asphalt go at El Dorado Elementary School?

Across two weekends last month, more than 200 volunteers, kids, parents, teachers and TreePeople staff gathered to put 46 trees in the ground at El Dorado Elementary School in Sylmar, deep in the San Fernando Valley. Volunteers watch a tree planting demonstration at El Dorado Elementary School. We primed the location ahead of the big […]

Cómo Colocar Estacas para un Árbol

Ya que has sembrado su nuevo árbol, ahora ¿qué? Mira este video para ver como estacar correctamente su árbol para que crezca fuerte mientras es protegida del viento y otros daños. ¡Debemos cuidar nuestros árboles, así nos cuidan a nosotros!

3 Things You Can Do with TreePeople to Cool LA

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you know that climate change is humanity’s most urgent challenge. And you likely have an inkling that TreePeople has some viable solutions to offer. You’re correct. With the announcement that 2014 was the Earth’s hottest year in recorded history, it’s clearer than ever that we must get planting, and […]

California ReLeaf: Real Conversations About Working Within Disadvantaged Communities

Working with low-income communities on pathways to sustainability has been a cornerstone of TreePeople’s work for decades. Here, our Director of Forestry, Rachel Malarich shares some of her hard-won insights in this important conversation linking the success of urban forestry to building strong relationships inside underserved populations. Read on for the full story from California […]

How to Take Charge of Your Water Supply and Harvest the Rain

Would it sound crazy if we said you’re taking showers, flushing your toilet and watering your lawn with Evian water? Pretty much. But Angelenos use about half of all their drinking-quality water for landscaping (!), 20% to flush their toilets and a whopping 18% for showering—If not exactly Evian brand, it’s water that could be […]

How to Give and Get

TreePeople is kicking off 2015 by offering new perks to our most dedicated volunteers. Whether you’ve only volunteered with us once, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, we want to recognize the important work you do to make LA a green, livable city. This year, if you attend five or more volunteer events we’ll award […]

LADWP’s Plan to Source Water from the Sky

“LA is basically a desert.” How familiar does that sound? Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t exactly true. In reality, our local climate is known as “Mediterranean” with warm, dry summers and cool wet winters. And…it does actually rain here, even during a drought, and even minimal rainfall generates a lot of water. Sadly, due […]

TreePeople Stands with Mayor Garcetti to Hack this Drought

Even with the recent rain, we have a long way to go before California’s drought can be considered over, with nearly 95% of the state is still in “severe drought.” That is why TreePeople is offering our support to help achieve the goals set out in LA Mayor Garcetti’s Mayoral Directive, issued in October, “Emergency […]

CNN.com: Los Angeles can teach us how to conserve water

TreePeople has a vision for LA’s future. For decades, our Founder and President has held a dream for a sustainable locally sourced water supply so we can thrive even with California’s long term water crisis. Despite the city’s reputation of being parched, Angelenos have the power to create change right in their backyards by using […]

TreePeople in 2014: Drought Action, Integrated Agency Collaborations and Expanding our Reach to Angelenos

TreePeople’s 40-year legacy of using nature to heal our cities reached a pinnacle this year. In response to the historic drought, we grew our work in LA’s neighborhoods, schools and homes, made headway in our mountain restoration projects, and expanded our policy work to share solutions with agencies for a more drought-secure, climate-resilient LA. We […]