HOW-TO: Install a Rain Chain

Rainwater is a precious resource in Los Angeles and the best way to harvest it is to start with your home.

Many of our homes have gutters and downspouts installed that direct vital rainwater away from our gardens and directly to the street and storm drains. A great alternative to this is to install a rain chain!

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What is a rain chain? A rain chain is a series of linked metal cups or rings that you can attach to your gutter in place of downspout. They help slow the fall of rainwater and let it go directly to your growing plants or a rain barrel instead of your driveway (they also sound soothing whenever it rains!)

Rain chains come in a diverse range of cool designs and you can easily find them online or any hardware store. They’re also pretty easy to install and make the perfect addition to your garden and home!

For a guide on installation, check out this handy guide: