Trees, People, and Pups!

Happy National Dog Day! 

Here at TreePeople, you’ll often hear us say: Trees need people, and people need trees. But people aren’t the only ones who need trees – our furry friends do as well! Especially in this summer heat, a shady tree is much appreciated. Urban trees can cool a city by up to 10 degrees F, which can really make a difference when a dog’s paw is directly on the ground.

Did you know that you can dedicate trees to your furry friends? Tree Dedications help support projects like this tree planting event at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park and create a cooler city for all of the humans and animals that call Southern California home.    

Laurel Canyon Dog Park
Laurel Canyon Dog Park

 A special thank you to Foxy and the Hound, Beople’s Buddies and Best Friend’s Animal Hospital for honoring their best buds with Tree Dedications!

To dedicate a tree, please visit our website or call 818.753.TREE (8733).