Educating Campuses Across LA County

Over the past few months, TreePeople has been educating both teachers and students throughout Los Angeles County on green issues that challenge campuses and communities, and projects they can do to help.

On September 8, 2018- TreePeople held their Generation Earth Recycling and Beyond Workshop led by Trash Guru and Recycling Specialist Kenny Derieg.  We had one of the largest turnouts in the history of this workshop, with close to 40 people participating. The workshop covered a myriad of projects and practices that attendees can implement to reduce their carbon footprint on their campuses and in their communities. Many thanks to our community partners at the YWCA, Maria Elena Chavez, and Louie A Rodriguez, who hosted us at their facility in Walnut Park.

The Recycling and Beyond Workshop is one of a series of three workshops offered under the Generation Earth program to middle and high school students and teachers in LA County designed to support their green efforts at school and in their communities. Other workshops include The WaterWise Campus, which addresses campus and community water issues and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) by Nature, which demonstrates how to use an outdoor classroom to teach an array of subjects and disciplines.

On Sept 22, 2019, Brooke Applegate led her first WaterWise Campus Workshop with more than two dozen teachers and students in attendance investigating water issues in Los Angeles and identifying projects we can implement that offer solutions.

On September 23, TreePeople was invited to participate in the International Peace Day event at the Los Angeles Zoo, where TreePeople Eco Clubs were invited to present their projects to Dr. Jane Goodall in a private gathering. Afterward, students took part in a parade and ended the day at the BirdCage Theatre where Dr. Goodall spoke.

On September 29, TreePeople, together with Heal the Bay, hosted a full day Youth Summit with close to 100 students in attendance between the morning and afternoon sessions.Transportation opportunities made available through the Generation Earth program brought together a wide array of youth from across Los Angeles County.

Spearheaded by TreePeople’s Youth Leadership Manager, Enjoli Ferrari, the morning session focused on school greening and planting on campuses across Los Angeles and demonstrating best practices for these efforts.

The afternoon session was facilitated by Danielle Furuchi of Heal the Bay, and focused on many of Los Angeles’ pressing water issues and how student leaders can become advocates for solutions to these challenges. Please click link below for photos taken by TreePeople’s very own Adam Thomas.

On October 2, 2018  TreePeople’s Education Outreach Manager, Loyda Ramos, and Sammy Lyon of the Camino Nuevo Schools were invited to present at the Educators Consortium for Service Learning at the Skirball Cultural Center. They focused on how the methodology of service-learning and project-based learning can be used to guide students toward solutions to today’s social concerns. Addressed were topics including the vote, immigration, homeless, and the environment. Ms. Ramos had the the opportunity to showcase the toolkits and curricula TreePeople already has in place that incorporate the service-learning model and speak to “Life on Land” and how we can bring solutions and project ideas to schools across LA County.

Sammy Lyon and Loyda Ramos

This fall has been busy for TreePeople’s Environmental Education department and we are thrilled with the work we’ve done across the county. Fortunately, we have even more fun to look forward to!

Coming Soon:

How to Teach to your Discipline in the Outdoor Classroom.

Outdoor Classroom Lending Kits will be available to educators, grades 6-12.

For info on how to borrow toolkits contact Brooke Applegate at