Getting Water-Wise about our Cistern!

Is this a scene from a scary movie?

Does an evil clown lurk down here?


Is a local acting group doing a cult film reenactment?



This is our underground cistern: it provides a smart way to collect and store up to 216,000 GALLONS of rainwater, which we use for park maintenance during extreme heat or drought. The scary thing is, sustainable water technology like this isn’t widespread in Los Angeles; and more frighteningly, we let 100 BILLION GALLONS of rainwater go to waste every year.

There’s also the horrifying fact that tons of animal feces, pollution, and trash are picked up by  the water and flow straight to the Pacific Ocean- harming marine life, threatening public safety, and covering our beaches in hazardous waste.

Fortunately, this is not our only viable water reality. In addition to utilizing technology like cisterns, we have an opportunity to reinvent our water infrastructure- which is decades overdue for a makeover. A simple solution is… MORE TREES and greenspaces! Surprise! Surprise!

Trees absorb water (one large tree can lift up to 100 gallons of water from the ground and release it into the air each day) and green spaces full of plants and soil allow water to be filtered and absorbed into the earth rather than washed into the ocean full of toxins and waste.

This November, we have a real shot at making a difference in the way we use water in Los Angeles. That’s why TreePeople is endorsing Measure W for Safe, Clean Water. It will modernize our water system with science and nature in order to capture rainfall, filter out toxic pollutants, and store clean water for use!

Use the power of the vote on November 6, please join us in voting Yes on Measure W!

Want to read more about our cistern? You can find more info here.

See how our cistern was planted recently with flowers here!