Where Will You Save Our Water?

Every year in Los Angeles, we pump 85% of our water to our city from hundreds of miles away. Meanwhile, over 100 billion gallons of rainwater are lost and polluted simply because we don’t have the infrastructure to collect it properly.

This precious, free resource goes to waste and harms the environment as it moves.

Massive issues like this one force us to ask ourselves, “where can I save water?”


You can save water here.

Water flows through our streets and across parking lots, picking up trash and pollution as it goes.


You can save water here.

Los Angeles’ 100-year-old water infrastructure pulls polluted water out of our city and pours it directly into the Pacific Ocean.


You can save water here.

Because saving water starts in your home, with you.


Environmental issues like this one weigh heavy on those who feel responsible for the world around us.

Fortunately, there is something you can do.

This November, you will have an opportunity to save water in our city by supporting Measure W, the Safe, Clean Water Act. W will create better means of filtering water through green spaces, reinvigorate Los Angeles’ water infrastructure, and increase access to healthy, uncontaminated drinking water for Angelenos.

Measure W is directly in line with the work TreePeople has done over the last 4 decades, which is why we will be endorsing it this election season. For more information, go to www.yesonwforcleanwater.com and follow the Measure on twitter and Facebook.