A Valentines Day tour of your local sewage treatment plant?

Seeking inspiration on how to spend Valentine’s Day?  Check out this idea: Brooklyn Sewage Treatment Plant to Hold Valentines Day Tours Again.

What makes this such a sell-out event on the other coast?  NPR reported that perhaps it is the pheromones that makes this unusual tour part of the hipsters’ bucket list, but maybe it’s more.

Maybe people are really wanting to connect with each other about things that matter…like the quality of our water.  Maybe Super Storm Sandy is making folks want to get a bit more eco-literate and brush up on the water cycle info they got back in 6th grade science class.  Or maybe it is the amazing view of Manhattan.

But regardless of whether people tour the sewage plant to get more information about how we treat our water or simply to share a romantic view, they’ll get a chance to share an unique evening and maybe have their minds — along with their nostrils — opened about water quality issues.

In LA, you have the option to visit the HyperionTreatment Plant in Playa Del Rey (reservations required) and then perhaps go for a romantic walk on the beach.

What does TreePeople have to do with all this? Well, for one thing, trees — along with healthy soil — are nature’s best water supply and water purifying machine. Trees in our city capture and absorb stormwater in their branches and roots, preventing polluted runoff from fouling our rivers, beaches and ocean.

At TreePeople, we offer many ways to learn about — and impact — our water resources, from tree plantings to our free Rainwater Harvesting Workshops (next one on Saturday, February 23rd).  Not as romantic as a Valentines Day sewage treatment plant tour,  maybe, but definitely a good follow up!


By Lisa Cahill

Lisa Cahill first began her work with TreePeople as a volunteer Citizen Forester. She currently serves on the board of directors for the reDiscover Center, continues to volunteer as a Citizen Forester, has been on the Mar Vista Green Garden Tour and serves on several green committees at her church and children's schools. She most enjoys working in the garden with her husband, watching her children and vegetables grow.