Stop the Top

TreePeople has been planting and caring for trees all around LA for more than 50 years and we know a thing or two about tree care.

We’re spreading the word about tree “topping,” which is a pruning technique that involves cutting away all or most of the upper branches and leaves on a tree’s crown, and can leave trees susceptible to starvation, disease, disfigurement, and even death. In the process, it also destroys critical shade infrastructure that keeps our communities cooler.

In some cases, topping is unavoidable—like when a tall tree is planted below power lines and other types of pruning aren’t an option. But in many other cases, it’s the result of poor understanding of tree biology or misplaced cosmetic standards.

While many people believe that you need to prune trees annually, that’s simply not true. In reality, mature trees don’t need pruning unless they are Dead, Diseased, Damaged, or have Deranged branches that rub against each other. And if you feel height is an issue, other pruning techniques —like thinning or pollarding—do far less long-term damage to the tree

Please stop topping trees on your property and instead only prune as necessary. If you need to, tell your gardener or landscaping company to stop topping!

Tell your friends, neighbors, landlord, and city officials to STOP THE TOP!

Check out our information and resources below to learn more about proper pruning techniques, and how you can spread the word to help save our urban canopy!

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