Urban Forestry

TreePeople’s Urban Forestry program supports Citizen Foresters to organize volunteer tree plantings and tree care events along city streets and in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County.

Why street plantings are important

Mature trees provide a canopy of shade to help cool cars, buildings and streets, reducing energy usage. Street plantings often involve removing concrete to place young, healthy trees in the ground. The mulched trees help rainwater soak into the soil underneath the sidewalks, preventing the water from becoming runoff that ends up polluting our ocean. (Read more about the benefits of trees.)

Follow-up tree care

TreePeople is committed to ensuring every tree we plant not just survives but thrives. By teaching volunteers to recognize and attend to the needs of their trees, we dramatically increase the chance of the trees’ survival to maturity. For at least five years after a tree is planted we are continually monitoring its progress and engaging communities to provide the care a tree needs until it is established. Planting a tree is just the first step. Help us keep our trees happy and healthy by volunteering at a tree care event.

If you have questions about caring for street trees, please contact Marcos Trinidad at mtrinidad@treepeople.org.  To learn how to lead tree care projects, register for a Tree Care Coordinator training by contacting Linda Eremita at training@treepeople.org or (818) 623-4878.

For tips on caring for your own trees at home, visit our page on How to care for a tree.

Want to get involved?

To volunteer at a street planting or urban tree care event, see our calendar for upcoming events.

For more information about street planting please contact Rachel Malarich at rmalarich@treepeople.org.