Tree Dedications Frequently Asked Questions

Make a tree dedication to honor a friend, celebrate an event, or remember a loved one. Give a gift that grows and show your commitment to help heal Southern California’s urban environment.

TreePeople works exclusively in the Los Angeles area which includes local city parks, schools, streets, urban forests and the Santa Monica Mountains. Donations given through tree dedications support our restoration work. This includes tree plantings during the winter and spring (generally October-April), and tree care throughout the year, as we care for all trees that we plant for five years to ensure their best chance for survival. Due to the holistic nature of our tree plantings and tree care program we are unable to specify where a tree will be planted for each dedication. The species of trees that are planted depend on the geographic environment. We specifically select the type of tree that is most likely to thrive, which will vary from site to site. We invite all of our tree dedicators and recipients to participate in our tree planting and tree care events. Please refer to our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities. We would love to see you there!

A Tree Dedication gift starts at $25 for one tree, $45 for two, $65 for three and $85 for four. At these rates the recipient will receive a personalized greeting card. For a gift of $100 or more a special certificate will be sent to the recipient. Each tree after that is an additional $10, so for example 6 trees would be $110, 7 trees would be $120, etc. Certificates can be framed in rustic recycled wood for an additional charge of $30. Please refer to our Tree Dedication Catalog for a complete list of Tree Dedication designs and prices. For additional questions, please call (818)-753-TREE or email, and thank you for your support!

Tree Dedications help support TreePeople’s reforestation efforts including planting new trees and caring for trees we’ve already planted in and around Los Angeles. For more than 30 years, TreePeople’s Tree Dedication program has allowed us to plant and care for trees in mountain forests and park woodlands that have experienced devastation from fires, human neglect, or natural causes. Many thousands of trees are now thriving in our region because of people like you who chose to acknowledge someone with a meaningful Tree Dedication gift.

People dedicate to friends, family, employees, clients, teachers, etc. Tree dedications are versatile and comforting, and you can choose to add special messages on the inside to make them personal. There are many ways that people use tree dedications as a gift, but there are more common uses of our different designs. Often, people will use our Soul In Every Leaf design to memorialize someone that has passed or remember the anniversary of their passing. This is a great comfort to those who are grieving, and an enduring, eco-friendly alternative to flowers. You can use our Paw Prints design to congratulate someone who has recently adopted, give it as an animal birthday gift, or to comfort someone grieving over a pet that has passed. Our Leaf Collage design is popular for celebratory situations such as birthdays, anniversaries or personal milestones. The Reforest the Earth design is often given as an acknowledgment to someone for being especially environmentally minded, or as a gift to an eco-friendly person.

There are 2 lines available with a maximum character count of 30 per line to include your name and personal message. Suggested phrases that can be used include: With love, With Sympathy, Thinking of you, and Congratulations.

We pride ourselves in using only sustainable materials. Our cards and certificates are made from 100% postconsumer waste and are printed with soy based ink. The frames for our certificates are built out of recycled barn wood. All packing materials for framed certificates are repurposed from packages received by TreePeople. All other paper materials used to promote and mail out our dedications are made from recycled materials.

TreePeople does not currently offer e-cards and e-certificates. While we plan to bring these on in the future for the ecological benefits, we find that the large majority of our dedicators would rather have a physical card or certificate mailed to their recipients. Receiving a piece of mail is often viewed as more personal than an emailed e-card, and these cards and certificates are often saved as keepsakes and are cherished as a meaningful gift. All of our cards are made from 100% post-consumerwaste and printed with soy ink to create the least amount of impact on the environment.

Yes, if you would like the dedication mailed to you simply select “First Class Mail – Mail directly to me” from the Delivery Options pull down menu. If the card is being sent to you, it will come with a blank envelope for the card.

Most orders are sent out within 1-2 business days after being placed, however when order volume is high it may take 3-5 business days before your dedication is sent out. International shipping is available, at no extra charge unless ordering a framed certificate.

Want to let your recipient know what they should be keeping their eyes out for in the mail? Tree dedication cards are mailed in 6.5”x4.75” crème colored envelopes. TreePeople’s logo does not appear anywhere on the envelope. Only our address is printed on the back for return purposes. Tree dedication certificates are mailed in a blank 11.5”x9” cardboard envelope to prevent bending. A TreePeople mailing label with our logo is fixed to the front with your recipient’s address.

You can order any number of tree dedications through our secure website. If you are interested in placing a bulk order and you would like to bypass the website, please call (818) 753-TREE or email to coordinate details.

If you are part of a company and are interested in purchasing a bulk order of tree dedications at a discount to use throughout the year, you may be interested in joining our Tree Dedication Partner Program. This partnership also includes marketing benefits with your company’s name included on our website and in our tree dedication email materials. Tree dedications are a great way to deeply honor employees and clients for birthdays, personal milestones, memorials, thank yous, celebrations, year-end holidays, Mother’s Day, Earth Day, or eco-friendly acknowledgements. All proceeds are tax deductible. For more information, please call (818) 753-TREE or email

TreePeople accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you are paying with a check or cash, please note that we do not mail out dedications until payment is received. Checks should be made payable to TreePeople and mailed to: TreePeople Attn: Tree Dedications 12601 Mulholland Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

For additional questions, please call (818)-753-TREE or email, and thank you for your support! Tree Dedications Frequently Asked Questions PDF