The TreePeople Emergency COVID-19 Education & Engagement Fund

Now more than ever people need trees and trees need people.

Through the TreePeople Emergency COVID-19 Education & Engagement Fund, we are taking TreePeople’s award-winning education and engagement programs online. The fund will ensure our mission continues during this crisis and that everyone can be part of our mission from anywhere.

Donate today and Jean Aubuchon Cinader’s Legacy Fund will match your generosity!

With your support, TreePeople’s acclaimed education and engagement programs will continue through this crisis and also become virtual in order to support the 35 million school children around the country stuck at home as well as their parents, caretakers and community.

Through Do-It-Yourself Home and Neighborhood Greening Projects, we’ll help people plant and care for trees in their neighborhoods and show them how you can protect the Earth from your backyard or street. And if you can’t get outside, then we’re turning our award-winning Eco Tours into virtual and engaging experiences so millions of people across the globe can still feel the magic of trees, soil, water and forests.

At a time when the world seems so fraught, we’re seeing so much wonder. But we need your help. In the midst of self-isolation, many kids and adults are connecting back to nature and finding joy. This moment can be a way for all of us to see what’s around us.

We want to do everything we can to strengthen that relationship and engage people. There are so many places that need support right now.

We hope you consider this to be of the utmost value.

Join Jean Aubuchon Cinader’s Legacy Fund to become a lead sponsor of the Emergency COVID-19 Education & Engagement Fund:

Community Level ($1+)
Seedling Level ($2,500+)
Sapling Level ($5,500+)
Green Leaf Level ($10,000+)
Emerald Grove Level ($25,000+)
Heritage Oak Level ($50,000+)
Canopy Level ($100,000+)

Download Sponsorship Information Here

For questions about donating or sponsorships, please contact Courtney Gross, TreePeople’s Director of Development, at or 530-492-0241

About Jean Aubuchon Cinader & Jean Aubuchon Cinader’s Legacy Fund:

Jean Aubuchon Cinader (1922-2019) was a revered star of the 1940s, widely known for her role in the Broadway comedy Dream Girl. Jean was also a dedicated environmentalist, animal welfare advocate, and a key supporter of TreePeople as a volunteer, donor and board member. Her stardom and legacy continues today through Jean Aubuchon Cinader’s Legacy Fund that strategically supports TreePeople’s top priorities.