Join the Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park

Join the Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park

Enjoy the Benefits of of Being a Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park Member!

Join Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park to receive special perks, like free performance tickets, tree dedications, and invitations to park events, such as moonlight hikes, workshops and tours!

A quiet refuge high above the city.
An oasis of nature in the middle of Los Angeles.
A network of magical trails through the trees.
A 45-acre hilltop treasure in the Santa Monica Mountains.

A Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation

Coldwater Canyon Park is so many wonderful things. And if you’re familiar with our beloved park, you know they’re all true; this is a unique and special place.

Something you may not know? It relies completely on the love and care of TreePeople and patrons like you.

With almost no public funding going to its general upkeep, it is up to us to maintain this treasure. TreePeople takes responsibility for care and maintenance of the park, and we can only do so with the help of our friends and neighbors like you.

That’s why we’re bringing our park family together to relaunch Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park.

When you join Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park, you’re returning some of the love you receive on these familiar trails. By coming together and each giving a little – or a lot! – we ensure that TreePeople has the resources it takes to tend to a healthy park.

Of course, becoming a Friend of Coldwater Canyon Park also has its perks!

As a Friend of the Park, you will receive invites to exclusive events like moonlight hikes, nature tours and dog walks… Contribute a little more, and you will be eligible for free Tree Dedications, discounted or free tickets to Once Upon a Canyon Night performances, and additional savings to park events.

And of course you get to return some of the love you feel every time you walk among these trees.

With Gratitude,
Jim Hardie
Director of Park Operations

About the Park

Coldwater Canyon Park is a 45-acre treasure nestled atop the Santa Monica Mountains.

Once the mountain outpost of the Los Angeles Fire Department, it is now a favorite spot for recreation and quiet refuge for everyone in the region, including some of the celebrities that live in LA, who you can find some photos of here!

Coldwater Canyon Park is also home to TreePeople’s headquarters, our nursery, LEED-platinum conference center, the S.Mark Taper Foundation Amphitheatre, a 216,000 gallon rain-capture cistern, educational exhibits, miles of trails and precious native trees. Additionally, the park hosts school tours almost daily during the school year, which is part of TreePeople’s groundbreaking environmental education work.

As a public park, Coldwater Canyon Park receives more than 200,000 visitors a year, but almost no public funding…all general upkeep and support is the responsibility of TreePeople – and you!

You can also pitch in by volunteering at our park work days on Thursdays and occasional Saturdays throughout the year (remember to register!).

And of course, join us for evenings of entertainment under the stars with our summer series Once Upon a Canyon Night.

“From some of the best walks in Los Angeles with their peaceful, beautiful overlooks – to the excitement of summer evenings at the S. Mark Taper Amphitheatre, Coldwater Canyon Park is a thrill to be part of!”

– Robert Forster

The late Robert Forster was a hiker in the park, donated his time and talent to it for over 15 seasons of Once Upon a Canyon Night, and has always been a dear friend of TreePeople – his legacy will live on in our hearts and our work.

Honorary Advisory Committee Friends of Coldwater Canyon Park

Annette Bening
Candice Bergen
Ed Begley, Jr.
Susan Drake
Harry Hamlin
Peggy Light, Former TP Board Chair

Forest Bathing in Coldwater Canyon Park

Forest bathing is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest. Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

For those who wish to bathe in the calming and restorative energy of the natural environment from the convenience of their desks or mobile device, TreePeople offers immersive videos featuring Coldwater Canyon Park complete with the sounds of nature, which mimics the feeling of forest bathing.

But we invite you to come and experience the magic of nature in person and to visit TreePeople’s Coldwater Canyon Park. It is an oasis for trees, endless trails, and breathtaking views. Free and open to the general public, visit the park and enjoy this emerald gem of Los Angeles (TreePeople address 12601 Mulholland Ave, Beverly Hills, CA 90210).

Forest Bathing in Coldwater Canyon

Take a relaxing break from your busy day and forest bathe with us in Coldwater Canyon Park, the home of TreePeople! Open to the public at 12601 Mulholland Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Forest Bathing in Coldwater Canyon Park Part 1
Forest Bathing in Coldwater Canyon Park Part 2
Forest Bathing in Coldwater Canyon Park Part 3