LA Sidewalks Reach The “Tripping Point”

Calling all urban forest advocates: Join the movement for safer, more accessible streets!

LA’s sidewalks are at a tripping point!

On June 10th, TreePeople, Investing in Place, Los Angeles Walks and AARP California are hosting “The Tripping Point,” a half-day advocacy summit for LA’s streets!

“The Tripping Point” is a forum for community members from across LA to come together and discuss strategies for safer, greener, and more accessible neighborhoods. Attendees will leave with the skills, tools, strategies, and insights to become better advocates for:

  • Healthy street trees
  • Accessible sidewalks
  • Safe crosswalks
  • More bus shelters

For years, Angelenos have asked for better paths of travel. Broken sidewalks, dangerous crosswalks, missing bus shelters and hot, unshaded streets are the norm in too many neighborhoods.

Angelenos deserve better — especially older adults, youth, individuals with disabilities, low-income communities and communities of color where these disparities are the worst.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with partners in a citywide effort.

A thriving urban forest is critical for healthy and safe streets. Climate change promises hotter hots and more extreme storms. And we depend on trees to provide life-saving benefits for us all– like providing shade and to cool our sidewalks. Our region’s water security also relies on trees as they capture and clean rainwater, and protect us from floods that come with our new climate reality.

This year, LA has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to align significant streams of funding, like Measure M’s local return and Willits settlement funds, to solve these problems in neighborhoods and communities of need.

Join us for a day of keynotes, interactive trainings and workshops, and networking with colleagues, friends, advocacy leaders, public agency staff and elected officials’ staff.

RSVP for The Tripping Point forum today!

Questions? Email TreePeople’s Policy and Campaigns Specialist, Jenny Binstock, at

By Jenny Binstock

Jenny works on the policy team at TreePeople and has worked for over a decade on environmental, social justice, and global health issues. Her work involves making sure that local, county, and state policies advance the organization's goals for a thriving and sustainable Los Angeles. When she's not running between TreePeople's Yurt Village and City Hall, Jenny enjoys the good life: travel, books, food, art, music, film, the outdoors, and exploring and building community in LA.