W.M. Keck Foundation Nursery


Each year, TreePeople  grows thousands of seedlings for the restoration of local forests and parks at the W. M. Keck Foundation Nursery.

Most of the seedlings in the nursery are grown from native seeds and acorns collected locally by our staff and volunteers. We nurture the seedlings here for up to two years, until they are strong enough to be planted back at their collection sites – increasing the likelihood of their survival in the wild.

The nursery also grows and cares for fruit trees that we distribute to low-income communities in Los Angeles through our Fruit Tree Program. In addition, it provides a storage area for our Community Toolbank of equipment and supplies used to green local campuses, neighborhoods, parks and mountain forests. 

Making an impact one tree at a time

Thanks to the staff and volunteers who work in our nursery:

  • More than 80,000 fruit trees have been planted in backyards, on school campuses and in community gardens throughout Los Angeles.

  • 20,000 native plants and trees are planted annually as part of our mountain restoration program.

  • 12,000 seedlings are planted and given away as part of our Eco-tour program each year.

Lend us your green thumb

Would you like to help give our baby trees the tender loving care they need? Find out how you can volunteer to grow our seedling nursery. We provide all training and tools.