Which Practices Are for You?

There are many ways to capture rainwater at your home or business. Which techniques are right for you? 

Some techniques will enable you to store rainwater to irrigate in dry weather. Others will allow the water to slowly infiltrate into the ground to replenish the local aquifer.

Some techniques are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement yourself. Others require more resources and assistance. Likewise, some require very little maintenance, while others are more labor-intensive.

Keep in mind that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

Questions to consider before you start

  1. Why would you like to capture rainfall (for reuse or recharge or both)?
  2. Is it feasible/allowable for you to alter your site's landscape or hardscape?
  3. Will the practices work with your soil?
  4. Which practices fit with your budget and schedule?
  5. How much water do you want or need to collect?

Steps to take before you start

These preliminary steps will help you start answering some of the questions above. Remember, consult a professional if you need more help planning your project/s.