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Andy Lipkis: You Do Make a Difference

Length: 12:20 minutes   Released: January, 2013

An inspirational video about Andy Lipkis and how he founded TreePeople, his struggle to share the importance of trees and how his work has taught him that each of us really do make a difference in what choices we make every day. His story about the values of one oak tree and the services that it provides is not to be missed. Andy also provides insight into building healthier and more resilient cities.


Miracle at Main Street School

Length: 2:22 minutes   Released: October, 2012

TreePeople and LAUSD engaged in a year-long community collaboration to transform 4,000 square feet of asphalt at Main Street Elementary School in South L.A. into a thriving, sustainable urban forest. Thanks to the school's Green Team and 450 volunteers, the school yard now provides an outdoor classroom and a safe, clean place for kids to play!


Disney Friends for Change

Length: 2:16 minutes   Released: September, 2012

Disney stars joined TreePeople to connect kids with nature and create green spaces at San Pedro Elementary School in Los Angeles.


Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy: It Can Happen Here!

Length: 5:40 minutes   Released: October, 2011

This fun animation shows how reconnecting trees to our city's watersheds is one of the fastest ways to create lasting jobs while rebuilding local economies and preparing our communities to thrive and survive increasing threats of severe weather.


AQMD On The Air - Andy Lipkis

Length: 18:26 minutes   Released: July, 2011

Andy Lipkis discusses the story of how he started the work of TreePeople at age 15, the relationship between trees and air pollution and TreePeople's mission.


Citizen Forester en Español

Length: 8:37 minutes   Released: March, 2011

Our new Citizen Forester en Español program and the story of Citizen Forester Jose Alvarado.


Elmer Avenue

TreePeople on a mission to save the planet

Length: 5:31 minutes      Released: October, 2010 

Andy Lipkis, Founder and President of TreePeople, talks about Elmer Avenue - a neighborhood in Los Angeles' NE San Fernando Valley that was transformed from a flood hazard zone into a model of sustainability.


NBC's TODAY Show features TreePeople & Andy Lipkis PART I

TreePeople on a mission to save the planet

Length: 2:14 minutes      Released: May 25, 2010 

PART I: Watch TreePeople's Andy Lipkis on the Today Show's "What do you care about today?" segment. The Today Show is highlighting the work of several grassroots nonprofits in the U.S. that are making a positive difference in their communities.


NBC's TODAY Show features TreePeople & Andy Lipkis for $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Challenge Grant PART II

Length: 3:54 minutes      Released: May 28, 2010 

PART II: Join TreePeople's Andy Lipkis on the Today Show's "What do you care about today?" segment, sponsored by the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. TreePeople's $50,000 Pepsi Refresh grant will go towards training and equiping 3,500 volunteers to restore the heavily fire-damaged Angeles National Forest. Volunteers will revitalize the forest by planting trees and native plants so the ecosystem can once again provide critical water supply, air protection, habitat and recreation for generations to come.


The Urban Forest Needs YOU 

The Urban Forest Needs You

Length: 3:07 minutes      Released: May 2010

Art of Tea produced this video for TreePeople about the nonprofit's work to expand Los Angeles' community forest.       


How to Plant a Tree 

How to Plant a Tree

Length: 11:20 minutes      Released: March 2009

Learn how to plant a 1-gallon tree in the Santa Monica Mountains with TreePeople's Oscar Sanchez. Steps include: 1) Tool safety; 2) Preparing the hole; 3) Digging and refilling the hole; 4) Tree placement; 5) Making a berm or watering basin; 6) Watering the tree; and 7) Applying mulch. Note: please remember to always check with local land management agencies before planting trees in public parks. [Video produced and directed by Stephen Readmond]


Smart Green Infrastructure: How to Grow Sustainable Cities


Length: 15:22 minutes      Released: November 2008

Andy Lipkis, TreePeople Founder and President, explains how our organization pioneered an integrated approach to manage urban ecosystems as watersheds in the Los Angeles region and generate multiple solutions to environmental threats facing our cities.


Annette Bening Joins TreePeople to Launch the Center for Community Forestry


Length: 4:40 minutes      Released: September 2008

Actor Annette Bening joined TreePeople to celebrate the opening of our Center for Community Forestry, a four-acre environmental educational campus where visitors learn how natural forests work and simple ways to apply these principles in an urban setting to prevent and protect against climate change, water and air pollution and water shortages. Click here to view other speeches from Andy Lipkis, Jody Noiron, Zev Yaroslavsky, Wendy Greuel and Joseph Edmiston.


Eye on LA Andy Lipkis Interview: Trees Benefit Our Urban Environment


Length: 3:20 minutes      Released: July 2008

Andy Lipkis, founder and president of TreePeople, discusses the benefits of trees and their critical importance to our urban forest on ABC's Eye on LA. 


LACCD Sustainability Conference 2007: Engaging Youth to Make an Impact


Length: 5:35 minutes      Released: January 2008

Andy Lipkis, founder and president of TreePeople, talks about how TreePeople's engagement of local youth led to the success of Los Angeles' curbside recycling program, at Los Angeles Community College District's Sustainability Conference.


Trees Need People


Length: 5:15 minutes      Released: October 2007

TreePeople staff talk about the important relationship between trees and people. Featuring students from Los Angeles' 75th Street Elementary School.


 Griffith Park Fire Restoration, Update


Length: 4:46 minutes      Released: September 2007

Join Principal Forester Laura Bauernfeind of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks on a tour of the Griffith Park burn areas. Includes images of the park not accessible to the public, land slides and inspiring new growth in the vulnerable, fire-baked soil.


Access Hollywood Goes Green with TreePeople


Length: 1 minute      Released: July 2007

Entertainment program Access Hollywood goes green with TreePeople by planting a grove of trees for each Emmy® Award nominee.


Griffith Park Fire Restoration Featured on KCET Life & Times


Length: 8:24 minutes      Released: May 2007

Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge and TreePeople's Director of Communications Laurie Kaufman discuss the Griffith Park fire and the restoration process ahead.


TreePeople Empowers San Pedro Volunteers to Green Their Community


Length: 5:00 minutes      Released: April 2007

See how TreePeople and volunteers are making a difference in San Pedro, California by increasing its tree canopy and engaging community members to care for their environment.


PBS Edens Lost & Found Excerpt: Taking Lessons from the Forest to Create a Sustainable L.A.


Length: 3:55 minutes      Released: January 2007

TreePeople's President and Founder Andy Lipkis talks about how TreePeople was founded and his vision for creating healthy, sustainable cities by taking lessons from the forests on PBS Edens Lost and Found. Includes an excerpt of Andy Lipkis' appearance on the Johnny Carson Show.


Using Nature's Solution for Capturing and Filtering Rainwater to Green L.A.


Length: 5:55 minutes      Released: January 2007

TreePeople's Communications Director Laurie Kaufman discusses innovative solutions to make Los Angeles a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.


TreePeople Campus Forestry Program Greens Schools Across L.A.


Length: 7 minutes      Released: October 2006

TreePeople has helped schools green their campuses for more than 10 years. We are experts in training school communities to organize tree planting projects and teaching children to be stewards of the urban environment. Watch how Los Angeles' Short Avenue Elementary School teachers, students and volunteers work together to take away asphalt and plant 100 trees on their campus.


TreePeople Campus Forestry Program Featured on TreeHugger TV


Length: 2:17 minutes      Released: June 2006

TreeHugger TV features Rosecrans Elementary School in Compton, California as they bring TreePeople's Campus Forestry program on-site to help remove their playground asphalt and reduce the heat island effect. Students, teachers and volunteers learn the benefits of trees as they work together to plant 75 trees to increase shade and greenery on their campus.


TreePeople Volunteer Leader Joe Vargas Featured on CNN


Length: 1:57 minutes      Released: May 2006

TreePeople depend on volunteer leaders like 71-year old Joe Vargas to engage volunteers for tree plantings across Los Angeles. Watch this inspirational clip of how Joe and students at Emerson Elementary School in Burbank, California are making a difference by greening their campus.


Urban Dreams - Remaking our Cities for Sustainability


Length: 56:25 minutes      Released: January 30, 2006

TreePeople Founder and President Andy Lipkis talks about the importance of stopping the flow of polluted storm water into the ocean by reversing the waste of rainwater. TreePeople has created several demonstration projects around L.A. that capture, clean and store rainwater through a network of large cisterns and infiltration fields.


ABC World News - L.A. Looks at Harvesting Rain Water


Length: 2:46 minutes      Released: March 2005

ABC World News™ Judy Muller takes you on a tour of TreePeople's pilot project at an elementary school where rainwater is captured, filtered and stored to irrigate a ball field and prevent polluted water from flowing into the Santa Monica Bay.


TreePeople Demonstrates the Power of Cisterns at a Los Angeles Home


Length: 1:53 minutes      Released: August 11, 1998

TreePeople re-landscaped and retrofitted a South Central Los Angeles home with a 3,600-gallon cistern, a water pump and a dry well to show the benefits of forest-mimicking technology.


TreePeople Welcomes You to Help Change Our World, One Community at a Time


Length: 9:17 minutes

Take a short course in changing the world by watching TreePeople Founder and President Andy Lipkis talk about how we can all work together to help save our planet, starting with our own home and community.