TreePeople Headquarters/Yurt Village


TreePeople’s headquarters are like no other offices in Los Angeles. You won't find a maze of square cubicles and narrow hallways here. Instead, our employees work in round, all-weather structures called yurts.

Set amidst a grove of fruit trees in Coldwater Canyon Park, our Yurt Village is a visual treat for hikers, school children and others who explore our site each day. 

What is a yurt?

Our yurts are a modern adaptation of ancient shelters used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. Though generally classified as tents, yurts are much stronger and they're also weather tight.

If you stroll by our Yurt Village, you’ll see yurts of two sizes: 24 feet in diameter and 30 feet in diameter. All of the yurts have a similar compact structure and are constructed of lightweight materials, adding up to shelters that are sturdy, yet eco-friendly.

Each yurt features a plywood floor set atop a concrete foundation. The yurts are connected to each other by slightly elevated wooden walkways.

Setting up the canvas structures – which are insulated with foam and attached to wood frames – took only two days. Inside, each yurt is equipped with modern amenities: high-speed Internet connection, electricity, space heaters and air conditioning.

Want to learn more about yurts?

For more detailed information, you can consult Pacific Yurts, the manufacturer of our yurts.

You can also read an article about our yurts featured in The Wall Street Journal.