TreePeople Conference Center

Our region and our world face enormous environmental challenges today. TreePeople believes we will solve those challenges by bringing people together to create a shared vision, to plan and to act.

The TreePeople Conference Center is a place for leaders with diverse talents and experience to unite behind the common goal of creating a sustainable future. Policymakers, agency representatives, community groups, youth leaders and others meet here to develop innovative solutions to the problems that threaten our urban ecosystems.

Inspiring by example

What better place to brainstorm sustainable solutions than in one of the greenest buildings in Los Angeles? 

Our Conference Center earned a Platinum certification – the highest rating – from the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. The building was designed with numerous sustainable features to save energy and protect our natural resources.

When it received its LEED Platinum status, the Conference Center was one of only:

  • 4 LEED Platinum buildings in Los Angeles
  • 20 LEED Platinum buildings in California
  • 86 LEED Platinum buildings in the United States
  • 94 LEED Platinum buildings in the world

Sustainable Features

Site orientation: Makes best use of position of sun and prevailing winds for optimal heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Energy-efficient window glazing: Keeps out solar heat, while letting in visible light.

Concrete in roof and floor: Absorbs heat during the day and releases heat in the evening. The concrete contains 50% fly ash, a byproduct of coal-burning power plants, usually dumped in landfills.

Dual-flush toilets: Two flush settings, half and full, use the minimum amount of water necessary to wash down liquid or solid waste.

Reclaimed lumber for solar shades: Made from planks of Douglas fir salvaged from the historic fire station once located in the park.

Sustainably harvested siding and sheathing: Made of cedar and plywood from sustainably harvested sources.

Non-toxic cotton insulation: Created from scraps of denim left over from the manufacture of blue jeans.

Recycled structural steel: Contains both pre- and post-consumer recycled waste.