Teachers: Plan Your Visit

Teachers, use the information below to help plan an Eco-tour for your class.

Are there different tours for different age groups?

Yes. TreePeople offers three Eco-tour programs tailored to different grade levels. The grade levels are from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a program available for Pre-K or TK (transitional kindergarten) classes:

“The Secrets of the City Forest” – Kindergarten and 1st grade

This 1½-hour program takes students on a gentle hike to: visit the Dirt Doctor’s laboratory, receive a message from Waterdrop, discover trash-reducing items in our Treasure Chest, and plant tree seeds to grow the city forest. Through interactive games and activities, students learn secrets about the city forest and how they can help it thrive. Each participant plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included).

“In Search of the Treasure Rings” – 2nd-5th grade

This 2½-hour program takes students on a treasure hunt in search of six Treasure Rings that symbolize natural cycles existing in the city forest. Students visit the Dirt Doctor’s laboratory, have a ball playing the Air Exchange game and simulate rainstorms in our Urban Watershed Garden. The experience results in a better understanding of the city forest and how everyone can help it thrive. Each student also plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included).

“Basic Forest Principles of the Community Forest” – 6th – 12th grade

This 1½-hour program takes students on a specialized tour of the sustainable elements used at TreePeople’s Center for Community Forestry. Students will earn “medallions” as they determine which basic forest principle is at work throughout the park including solar panels, an underground cistern, native plants, drip irrigation, mulch and more. At the end, the medallions reveal the last, and perhaps most important forest principle that will empower students to take what they have learned and apply it to their own community. 

Does TreePeople supply curriculum materials?

Yes. Eco-tours are not just beneficial for your students. They also provide you with a model environmental education curriculum, The Magical City Forest, which is aligned with California’s academic content standards.

For elementary level groups, The Magical City Forest is provided, which is aligned with California’s academic content standards. Included are classroom lessons, schoolyard investigations, and guidelines for creating a service learning project. These activities motivate children to take positive action in their environment through observation, inference, critical thinking and imaginative games. The curriculum also encourages you to use your campus as a laboratory for service learning.

For secondary level groups, we are currently in development on a series of activity kits utilizing different themes: Trees, Water, Soil and Community. These will provide the tools necessary for teachers and students to take what they have learned and apply it to their own community through service learning.

When do the tours take place?

Eco-tours take place Monday through Friday, September through June and on limited days during the summer.

Elementary and Secondary groups: Tour begins at 10:00 a.m.

Limited summer days: Tours begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 11:00 a.m.

Can students eat lunch at the park?

Your class is welcome to bring a snack or lunch to enjoy at our picnic tables after your tour. We encourage groups to bring low- or zero-waste lunch in a canvas bag or lunchbox.

Who leads the tours?

TreePeople employs a staff of well-trained Eco-tour guides. Meet our educators.

How much do the tours cost?

The Eco-tour fee is $5/student; teachers and parents are free. Contributions from donors ensure that TreePeople will continue to provide this high-quality educational program in the future. Limited scholarships are available.

How can you sign up to bring your class?

Eco-tours are extremely popular so we encourage you to book early in the school year to avoid disappointment. Please contact the Education office at ecotours@treepeople.org
or (818) 623-4859 with your preferred dates, and the number and grade level of your students.