Sustainable Solutions

TreePeople's Sustainable Solutions Program is dedicated to landscape transformation - turning yards into functional landscapes that are beautiful and sustainable. Our monthly guides and checklists detail an easy, step-by-step process, helping us all create a healthy urban forest where water is valued, air is clean, soil is healthy and trees are thriving.

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The L.A. Green Machine
May 2012

What's the L.A. Green Machine? A new fangled lawn mower? A super sort of wheat grass drink?

Every Day is Earth Day!
April 2012

It’s that time of year again – time to get excited about Earth Day!

Mulch Madness!
March 2012

Heard about the soil food web, but still not sure if it’s a bunch crazy talk? Read on to find out more about the miracles of mulch!

Time To Clear The Air
February 2012

what you can do to create clean, healthier air….it’s easier than you think.

Recycling Resolution
January 2012

Trying to figure out what your resolution should be this new year’s?  Look no further, we’ve got just what you need.

Oh, Christmas Tree...
December 2011

Tree or no tree? Real or fake? Rent or buy? That’s some of the questions many of us face at this time of year.

Vote Native!
November 2011

What’s your favorite California native plant? If you’re drawing a blank, then this article is for you.

The Edible Landscape
October 2011

Grow your own (veggies) and you’ll be doing your pocket book and your community a lot of good!

Turf and Surf!
September 2011

Buffalo grass is one way you can greatly impact our local beaches. Find out how.

August 2011

Our WaterWorks workshop teaches you everything from rain barrels to rain chains and more!

Sprinklers 102
July 2011

Find out how smart timers and weather-based controllers are the new must-haves for your garden.

Sprinklers 101
June 2011

Learn simple steps to upgrade your irrigation system and save money!

Green City Fair
May 2011

It’s our first annual Green City Fair and it is a party that’s not to be missed!

Tour de Plants!
April 2011

Garden tours are popular and fun ways to learn about plants and people. Celebrate spring in the SoCal community by visiting green gardens.

The Glamorous World of Composting
March 2011

Composting is essential to a healthy garden and earth. Find out how everyone’s trash can become all of our treasure.

Breaking Up is Easy to Do
February 2011

Having lots of concrete and other hardscape around your home creates lots of run-off. By selecting permeable alternatives, you can help keep our beaches clean and your own yard that much better.

How Much Water Do You Need?
January 2011

By creating a water budget for your landscape needs, you can better determine what truly makes sense for your home and our planet.

The Right Tree in the Right Place
December 2010

Strategic places trees around your home can reduce your energy costs and raise your property values. Why wouldn’t plant as many as you possibly could?

Go Native!
November 2010

Native plants have many pros and very few cons. Learn how to create a native plant garden and make your home even more lovely, all while saving money!

The Grass Is Not Always Greener
October 2010

Where does more than half our drinking water go? To support our green grass yards. Find out why grass is on the way out and how you can be part of the cool new aesthetic.

Earthworks: Berms, Swales & More!
September 2010

The earth works very well and by working with it, we can solve many of our water problems in the garden. With the power of a shovel, you can achieve a sustainable yard in just a weekend!

It's Hip to Drip!
August 2010

Drip irrigation isn’t so tricky when you’ve got TreePeople with you. Find out how you can get started on this water and money saving system for your garden.

Roll Out the Rain Barrel
July 2010

Learn why and how to install a rain barrel or cistern on your own property.

Slow it, Spread it, Sink it
June 2010

These three basic ideas will guide you through most every aspect of rain water harvesting. Find out how this principle is one of the smartest things you can do.

Getting the Lay of the Land
May 2010

Map out your property and you’ll soon see many ways you can conserve water and resources.

It's Easy to Mulch
April 2010

Mulch is an amazing resource and is one of the easiest ways to create a healthy, happy garden.