State Stormwater Hearing

Fri, 05/18/2012 - 10:00am - 12:30pm

A special California State Legislature Hearing on the Future of Stormwater: Capture, Store and Supply

The California State Legislative Hearing was a success!

On Friday, May 18 TreePeople hosted a special California State Legislative Hearing. This hearing highlighted innovations that government agencies and organizations, including TreePeople, have built demonstrating how harvesting and managing local rainwater can be scaled region-wide to provide a substantial portion of our water supply.

Thank you for joining us to learn with our legislators about the tremendous opportunities as well as the obstacles that must be addressed to allow a major investment in developing rainwater into a vital local water supply.



Download the Stormwater Hearing Agenda here

Hearing Materials

Madelyn Glickfeld, Executive Director, UCLA Water Resources Group  
Financing Obstacles and Opportunites  [pdf]

Adel Hagekhalil, P.E., BCEE, LA Sanitation
Leading the Way to Clean, Green and Sustainable City  [pdf]

Mark Pestrella, P.E. Assistant Director, Los Angeles County Flood Control District
Los Angeles County Regional Stormwater Management Perspective  [pdf]

David R. Pettijohn, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Stormwater Capture Program  [pdf]

Noah Garrison, Natural Resources Defense Council
Roof Tops to Rivers  [pdf]

Rich Atwater, Executive Director, Southern California Water Committee
Stormwater Capture Opportunities Paper  [pdf]

Andy Lipkis, Founder and President, TreePeople
Unique Success Stories  [pdf]

Nancy L.C. Steele, Executive Director, Council for Watershed Health
A Vision for 2025: Sustainable Greater Los Angeles  [pdf]


For further information call Gordon Welty at (818) 623-4870 or

Photo credit: Nicole Corpuz

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