South L.A. Programs

The South Los Angeles area has a sparser canopy of trees than any other part of the city and some of the poorest air quality. The proposition: the more leaves rustling in the wind, the cleaner that wind will be.

Why this program matters

The South L.A. communities are missing out on the life-giving benefits of a vibrant urban forest – cleaner air, cooling shade, healthy groundwater supplies and more.

With help from TreePeople, South L.A. area residents are reclaiming their streets, campuses and city parks...using gardening gloves and watering buckets. Community members from around the region are stepping up to improve the environmental conditions.

Change Makers

Call to action!

We need volunteers of all types to make the dream of environmental sustainability a reality in the South L.A. area.

Register here to become a TreePeople volunteer!

Also, learn about TreePeople’s efforts to improve the quality of life in the Northeast San Fernando Valley – which faces similar urban ecosystem problems.

For more information about our work in the South L.A. area, please contact Michelle Bagnato at or (818) 623-4840.