Santa Monica Mountains Restoration Supervisor

Do you care about the natural resources of our local mountains? Are you good with people? Do you want to teach others proper restoration techniques?

Restoration Supervisors manage groups of volunteers and show them responsible methods to revegetate and revitalize areas of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Requirements: You must attend two TreePeople restoration events before joining our Restoration Supervisor training. Additionally, you must be at least 16 years old. Once these requirements are met you may attend a free weekend training and one follow-up event for additional mentoring. After that, we'll put you on our contact list for future Restoration Supervisor opportunities. See our calendar for upcoming training dates.

Benefits: TreePeople t-shirt, name badge, free annual passes to California State Parks, enhanced knowledge of cutting-edge restoration techniques, and leadership skills!  And of course, there's knowing that you are truly making a difference.