S. Mark Taper Foundation Environmental Learning Center

The S. Mark Taper Foundation Environmental Learning Center provides the classroom space necessary to support a variety of TreePeople programs, including our popular Eco-tours for elementary school children. 

Our volunteers and the general public also attend educational workshops here to be trained in tree pruning, pest management, and fruit tree care and maintenance. 

Sustainable features

The Environmental Learning Center features a number of sustainable design solutions that demonstrate how people can use technology to help our cities function more like healthy, natural forests. Two examples:

  • The building captures rainwater from its roof and then sends the water down a “rain chain” that slows its flow so it can be collected and filtered. The water is then directed into our cistern to be stored for irrigating our gardens in dry weather.
  • Solar panels on the roof provide energy for use in the TreePeople Conference Center.

Each year, more than 10,000 school children and adults will visit the Environmental Learning Center to develop a greater appreciation for the powerful role they can all play in healing our city.