Redirect Rain from Downspouts

Downspouts are drainpipes that direct rainwater away from the roof of a house or other building. Check the downspouts on your home or business. Are they directing rainwater onto hard pavement?

If so, you can redirect them to send the water to thirsty lawns and plant beds. This not only helps water your plants, but reduces local flooding and conserves precious rainwater.

How to direct water from your roof

1. Test the soil percolation rate

Before implementing this infiltration technique, test the soil percolation rate of the area where water will be directed to make sure the water will move down into the soil properly and not cause too much saturation.

2. Purchase an "extension" 

“Extensions” are necessary to redirect the water. They are plastic or metal connectors that attach to the bottom of an existing downspout.

3. Place the extension 

The extension should carry water at least 4 feet away from the house to avoid any water damage to the house foundation. The ground should be sloping away from the house, or the area now “accepting” the water should be surrounded by a berm.