The People of TreePeople: Acknowledgments

The People of TreePeople


This book is the product of four years of Citizen Forester Trainings held at the TreePeople headquarters in Los Angeles. Heartfelt thanks to every graduate of the training for they are the real authors of the work. Many people's energy has gone-knowingly or unknowingly-into creating this book, including Fred Anderson, Mark Beall, Caryn Diamond Bosson, Jon Earl, Jeri Eckhart, Katherine Gould-Martin, Mary Greenstein, Teri Hannigan, Margaret Pott Hartwell, Scott Hayman, Alex Pancheco, Phil Porush, Ellie Rosenthal, Murray Rosenthal; Rick Ryan, Walter Teller, Joseph Turner, Lorna Weinheimer, and David Winkelman. Thanks also to TreePeople's former, current, and future staff, board of directors, volunteers, and members, and countless others who have become so much a part of the fabric of TreePeople that there is no separation.

Thanks to Cor Trowbridge who almost lost her mind deciding what was technically correct for inclusion in Chapters 6 and 7, and to those urban-tree experts who guided her, including Alden Kelley, Phil Barker, Richard Harris, Clyde Hunt, Gary Moll, Paul Rogers, Rowan Rowntree, and Bob Skiera.

We extend our gratitude to California ReLeaf, the American Forestry Association's Global ReLeaf campaign, and a handful of imaginative urban foresters for feeding the roots, embracing the work, and holding the vision, and to Jeremy Tarcher, whose personal commitment to the empowerment of individuals made the publication of this book possible in an indecently short period of time.

To those who suffered while we wrote—parents, friends, staff, and Phoebe Lipkis—we ask your forgiveness. Yes, Phoebe, the book is now done.

Our congratulations to the dynamic Deborah Daly of Daly Design for a stupendous-looking book, and to Tarcher staff, including Robert Welsch, Daniel Malvin, Karen Kallis, and Paul Murphy, for patience and persistence.

The following deserve special mention as it is their financial support that has fed the development of TreePeople's Citizen Forester Training:

  • The McKesson Foundation
  • The men and women of McDonnell Douglas–West
  • The Laird Norton Foundation 



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