Park Forestry

TreePeople’s Park Forestry program supports Citizen Foresters to organize volunteer tree plantings and tree care events in parks throughout Los Angeles.

Why park plantings are important

Park woodlands are often thought of as the “lungs” of a city, with their trees breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling healthy oxygen. Trees in parks also help the ground absorb and filter rainwater so it can seep down to recharge the aquifer. (Read more about the benefits of trees.)

Unfortunately, Los Angeles is the most park-poor major city in America. Only 4 percent of our city’s public land is devoted to parks, contrasted with 17 percent in New York City. Many of the parks we do have lack sufficient tree coverage.

Park plantings are a big part of the work TreePeople does to restore the life-giving benefits of the forest to our city. Plus, it makes the parks more beautiful, enticing more Angelenos to experience the positive effects of spending time in nature!

Follow-up tree care

TreePeople is committed to ensuring every tree we plant not just survives but thrives. By teaching volunteers to recognize and attend to the needs of their trees, we dramatically increase the chance of the trees’ survival to maturity. For at least five years after a tree is planted we are continually monitoring its progress and engaging communities to provide the care a tree needs until it is established. Planting a tree is just the first step. Help us keep our trees happy and healthy by volunteering at a tree care event.

For tips on caring for your own trees at home, visit our page on how to care for a tree.

Want to get involved?

To volunteer at a park planting or park tree care event, see our calendar for upcoming events.

For more information about planting and caring for trees in a Los Angeles park, please contact Danny Carmichael at or (818) 623-4851.