Obtain Do-It-Yourself Supplies

Where can you find products/materials to capture rainwater?

TreePeople does not supply materials or products for home or commercial use. While we cannot make specific recommendations for products or materials, the following links should help you find a majority of the resources needed:

General information and how-to-tips:

  • Brad Lancaster's website has links for rainwater-harvesting materials and suppliers.
  • The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works has a BMP Yellow Pages on its website that lists products, activities and services to improve or eliminate pollution associated with urban runoff and stormwater. 

To purchase drought-tolerant plants in California, you might start by consulting these sources:

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is sponsoring the Trees for a Green LA program which is open to all LADWP residential electricity customers who have adequate space to plant trees. Participants can receive up to seven free trees for planting per residential property, depending on site-specific limitations.

For rain barrels:

  • The Rainbarrel Guide is a comprehensive website on rain barrels with an extensive list of links that includes vendors.
  • Clean Air Gardening’s Clean Air Gardening’s website has information on and sells various sizes of rain barrels.

For cisterns:

  • Norwesco Inc’s Web site has information on and sells various above and below-ground water tanks/cisterns.
  • Aqua-Flo has store locations in Southern California.

Additionally, searching the Internet with the key words “water tanks” will provide more avenues for you to consider.

For first-flush devices:

For mulch: 

  • Free mulch is available in six locations across Los Angeles from the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Mulch Program.
  • Mulch by the cubic yard can be purchased from tree and soil farms such as American Soil Amendment Products and Nursery in Simi Valley, or Home Depot and other large home and garden stores.
  • Tree pruning and landscape maintenance companies are another good source for mulch. Some companies will deliver for free to avoid a disposal fee at the landfill. 
  • Do not buy sawdust or wood shavings for mulch. These won’t allow enough air into the soil.
  • Wood or bark chips work best when they are between one and three inches in size. Pieces smaller than that smother the soil and do not allow oxygen to get into the soil. Larger pieces get kicked around or can cause tripping.

Permeable Pavement: