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(November 2014)

Mayor's Office To Give Out Rebates As Rain Barrel Supply Dries Up

(November 2014)
Can’t afford to wait for Prop. 1’s projects to be built: Guest commentary

(October, 2014)
Jewish Journal, Sukkot, rain and Andy Lipkis' vision for L.A.'s salvation, October 2014

(August, 2014)
LA Times, Improvised devices help water drought-stricken L.A trees, August 2014

(May, 2014)
Planning Report, Australia’s Rainwater Cisterns Inspire TreePeople’s Lipkis, May 2014

(April, 2014)
Sierra Wave, TreePeople Works for Local LA Water Supply, April 2014

(April, 2014)
The Sheet, Could L.A. come off the water drip?, April 2014



(January, 2013)
Stronger Together: A Photo Essay of Communities United, GOOD

(January, 3013)
TreePeople Want Close Encounters with Nature to be an Everyday Experience, Joshua Siskin, The Daily News

(February, 2013)
Local Schools to Help Restore Burn Areas, The Press-Enterprise

(April, 2013)
Volunteer Seeks Home for Four Free Trees in Sherman Oaks,



(July, 2012)
NerdWallet’s Top 4 Urban Forest Non-Profits in California

(June, 2012)
Non-profit and Corporate Citizenship Awards, The Los Angeles Business Journal

(April 2012)
Healing our City: A Conversation with TreePeople's Andy Lipkis, LA Yoga



(September, 2011)
TreePeople Celebrates an Evening Under the Harvest Moon, Beverly Hills Patch

(June, 2011)
Dirt Doctor Entertains Children at TreePeople, Studio City Patch

(May, 2011)
TreePeople Improving Los Angeles' Environment, The Huffington Post



(November, 2010)
10 Service Groups Making a Difference: TreePeople - Inspiring citizen foresters with smog-fighting plants, U.S. News & World Report       

(May 25, 2010)
Andy Lipkis: TODAY Show

(April, 2010)
Andy Lipkis: Plant Life, L.A. Parent Magazine

(February 1, 2010)
Sun Valley temple gives the gift of trees: Valley Beth Israel, a Conservative congregation, celebrates Tu B'Shevat, the Jewish Arbor Day, by giving fruit trees to neighbors in the community, Los Angeles Times             

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(January 14, 2009)
Planting seeds for the future, Big Bear Grizzly

(February 8, 2009)
Environmental activist leads discussion on campus greening project, Daily Sundial

(June, 2009)
Tree Planting in Southern California Connects Community with Environment, Reader’s Digest

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(November 19, 2008)
Eco groups aim to restore 'balance' to local mountains, Malibu Times

(November 17, 2008)
Tree-planting effort kicks off, Press Enterprise

(October 3, 2008)
TreePeople's Community Forestry center opens, Los Angeles Times

(October 3, 2008)
The Greening of L.A. is Aim of New Center, Daily News

(April 2008)
Disney Channel Stars Challenge Kids to Go Green for Earth Day, Kewl magazine

(March 17, 2008)
Dialysis Business Gives New Life to Griffith Park, Los Angeles Business Journal

(February 7, 2008)
Get it done, Jewish Journal

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(September, 2007)
Tree's Company, Dwell

(July 6, 2007)
Water Flows in Los Angeles Despite Drought, Morning Edition, NPR

(May, 2007)
TreePeople Imagines Planting another Million Trees in L.A., The Planning Report

(April 19-25, 2007)
Caring for Santa Monica’s Urban Forest: Annual Tree Care Day at Crossroads Elementary supports 90 trees, Santa Monica Mirror, Home & Garden issue

(January 11, 2007)
A Shady Deal: Planter’s Mix, LA Weekly

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(November 30, 2006)
TreePeople Spreads Love, The Jewish Journal of greater L.A

(November 13, 2006)
So Many Causes, So Little Time for the Hollywood Do-Gooder, New York Times

(November 13, 2006)
Donors With Roots in the Community, and Plenty of Green, New York Times

(November 4, 2006)
Transforming one big city into one big park, Daily Breeze

(October 26, 2006)
More Trees, Please, Los Angeles City Beat
To view the original article with photo, click here.

(July 22, 2006)
When the boughs break: Oppressive heat shearing limbs from Valley trees, Daily News

(May, 2006)
Rooted in the Community, Boeing Frontiers

(May 1, 2006)
Stars Who Care: Leonardo DiCaprio & TreePeople, Ok! Weekly

(April, 2006)
Green Your Garden, Delicious Living

(March - April, 2006)
Tree Tonic, Resurgence

(March 10, 2006)
The Earth Needs Maid Service, Daily Variety

(March, 2006)
Eco Health Roundup, RealTalk LA

(January 30, 2006)
StyleWatch, People Magazine

(January 20, 2006)
Outings: Best Hikes for Kids, Daily Breeze

(January 10-February 2, 2006)
Annual TreePeople Giveaway Program Bears Fruit, Studio City Sun

(January 16, 2006)
Listening In: Letting Imaginations Run Wild About a Future L.A., Los Angeles Times

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(November 14, 2005)
Council Acts to Heal the Los Angeles Basin, Copley News Service

(November 06, 2005)
Sprout Up and Be Counted, Los Angeles Times Magazine

(October, 2005)
Islands of Green: Ten projects that point the way to a cleaner urban future, Utne Reader

(September, 2005)
LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s Green Agenda Grows Out of TreePeople’s Work, The Planning Report

(April 15-21, 2005)
Citizen Forester: Andy Lipkis speaks for the trees. Now he wants to solve our water problems too, LA Weekly

(March 13, 2005)
L.A. Looks at Harvesting Rain Water, ABC News  

(March 12, 2005)
Capture, Store Rainwater, Pasadena Star News, Whittier Daily News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune Editorial

(March 4, 2005)
Learning to Save Something for a Drier Day, The Los Angeles Times

(March 4, 2005)
Things Start to Flow for Recycling System at Westchester School, The Daily Breeze

(March 3, 2005) KTLA/WB Channel 5
Watch KTLA/WB Channel 5's news segment about TreePeople's pilot project at an elementary school that captures, filters and stores rainwater to irrigate a ballfield and keep pollutants out of the Santa Monica bay.

(January 21, 2005)
Protection Does Grow on Trees, The Jewish Journal

(January 13, 2005)
Rainfall Windfall, The Los Angeles Times Editorial

(January 11, 2005)
Water Largely Goes to Waste in Big Storms, The Daily News

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(July 2004)
TreePeople Roots for L.A., Whole Life Times

(April 2004)
Andy Lipkis,

(April 28, 2004)
Nonprofit Sets Up Camp in Yurts, The Wall Street Journal

(January 25, 2004)
Volunteers to Replant Scorched Hillsides, Los Angeles Daily News

(January 10, 2004)
We Can't Hold Back the Water any More, The New Scientist 

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(November 07, 2003)
Q&A With Andy Lipkis, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

(October 30, 2003)
Saving Drops, Filling Bucket, Los Angeles Times

(June 6, 2003)
Sun Valley Sets Out to Harness Rainfall, Los Angeles Times

(January 30, 2003)
Green Center Set to Sprout, Los Angeles Daily News

(January 2, 2003)
Planting for the Future, Los Angeles Times 

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