N.E. San Fernando Valley Programs

Can you imagine the Northeast San Fernando Valley and its surrounding areas becoming urban forests?

TreePeople is bringing this vision to reality by supporting the creation of Functioning Community Forests  throughout this underserved area of Los Angeles.

Why this program matters

This is a heavily paved-over landscape in desperate need of trees, and with significant open space to support additional forest. Located near the foothills of the northeast Valley, it also has many flood control basins behind Hansen Dam and other parts of the valley.

TreePeople is working with volunteers, community leaders and elected officials' offices to help green this region. This includes the Sun Valley community, where TreePeople is assisting L.A. County and City to establish sustainable practices to manage local water quality and supply.

Call to action!

We need volunteers of all types to make the dream of environmental sustainability a reality in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Find out how you can help.

Also, learn about TreePeople’s efforts to improve the quality of life in the South L.A.area – which faces similar urban ecosystem problems. 

“We are especially encouraged by the infusion of local families and community groups through TreePeople sponsored plantings.”
                                                Laura Bauernfeind
                                                Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

For more information about our work in the N.E. Valley, please contact Pam Gibson at pgibson@treepeople.org or (310) 228-8430.