Mountain Forestry

Mountain Forestry

Did you know that trees provide more than clean air and beauty? Trees and native plants are vital to providing clean water, too. Our local forests trap, filter and store rainwater and supply drinking water sources for Los Angeles-area residents.

TreePeople’s Mountain Forestry program leads volunteer wilderness restoration events in the nearby Southern California mountains.

Why mountain restoration is important

Mountain restoration helps restore the healthy, natural functions of mountain woodlands. A key aspect of restoration is reforestation – increasing the tree population. In addition to reforestation activities, restoration also involves removing invasive species and restoring native plants.

Restoration work is the most effective method for combating wildfire and protecting neighborhoods in the wild land-urban-interface of Southern California, a region afflicted by 12 of the 15 most catastrophic wildfires in U.S. history.

TreePeople sees mountain restoration as essential to achieving our larger environmental vision because these forests fulfill important functions for local watersheds: replenishing and cleaning groundwater supplies, producing oxygen and filtering air for adjacent urban communities. (Read more about the benefits of trees.)

Learn about tree pests and diseases affecting native habitat here.

TreePeople’s mountain restoration efforts

Join us in the mountains!

Volunteers are always needed for mountain plantings. Check our online calendar for upcoming events.

Help fund our restoration work

Our Mountain Restoration program receives additional funding from our Tree Dedication program. Find out how you can dedicate a tree to a special friend or family member.