More Green Campuses!

More Green Campuses!

TreePeople’s 2009/10 Campus Forestry planting season came to a close and we are proud to report that TreePeople staff and volunteers have planted trees at 16 urban campuses, providing more than 12,000 students with cooler, more beautiful schools. We would not have been able to accomplish this tremendous work without our generous and valuable supporters and volunteers.

Numerous studies have shown that spending time outside with trees and nature significantly reduces the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder in children, and improves children’s academic performance, concentration, balance, coordination, and self-esteem. Researchers have found that “a dose of nature worked as well as a dose of medication to improve concentration, or even better.”

TreePeople’s Campus Forestry program is of profound value to students, such as those who attend Willard Payne Elementary School in El Monte. Fourteen trees were recently planted at this school, whose campus had been bleak, over-paved, and blazingly hot. The trees will shade play areas and create a green buffer between classrooms and a parking lot. The students and teachers were so happy with how one play area looked after trees were planted that they decided to create a reading garden. Literacy incentives and quality of life improvements are a crucial improvement for this school, where 67 percent of the students are learning English, and nearly all are participating in the free lunch program.

For more than ten years, TreePeople’s Campus Forestry Program has planted thousands of trees on hundreds of school campuses in Los Angeles County. Planting trees is a great way to cool temperatures, reduce water run off, and clean the air children breathe. The presence of more trees is also known to build stronger school community ties and provide beauty and shade for outdoor education.

Together, we can keep moving forward to plant and care for trees on school campuses, giving our children a healthier future and providing a greener and more beautiful region for us to live in and enjoy.

To make a gift to support the Campus Forestry program, please contact Sara Laubacker at (818) 753-4631 or donate online at

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