Install a Cistern or Rain Barrel

Cisterns and rain barrels can collect and store rainwater from rooftops to be used for irrigation. This reduces stormwater runoff – and lowers your water bill, too! 

Note that if you live in a climate with a dry and a rainy season (such as the Los Angeles region), there are contamination problems associated with the first rain of the year when pollutants have accumulated over many months. If you are going to install a cistern and plan to direct roof water to it, you'll need a first-flush diverter to keep pollutants and animal waste out of the stored water.


Additionally, searching the Internet with the key words “water tanks” will provide more avenues for you to consider.

Is this practice right for you?

Consult a professional if you're not sure. Also, see our web pages discussing maintenance issues, costs and other factors.