How Citizen Forestry Works

Over the years, TreePeople has empowered thousands of Angelenos from diverse backgrounds through the Citizen Forester Program.

Here’s how it works:

1. Organize

You will need to build a “Green Team” for your project consisting of several volunteers who will take on leadership roles to help vision, design, organize and implement your greening plan.

2. Assess

Your Green Team will assess, map & record information about your project site.

3. Design

YourGreen Team members will create a greening plan that merges their vision with what was learned during the site assessment.

4. Learn

Your Green Team and other community members who are interested in supporting the project will take part in a variety of workshops including volunteer supervision, planting, tree care and pruning, and more.  

5. Do

Your Green Team will follow your greening plan that culminates in your Event Day!

6. Maintain

Your Green Team will monitor project health and coordinates care events – a great opportunity for your community to come back together. TreePeople provides FREE training on care and pruning, watering and other hands-on maintenance issues.

7. Acknowledge

Celebrate your accomplishments with your Green Team and community!

Ready to start?

See our Volunteer pages to learn about  ways to participate in TreePeople's work.