How to Care for a Tree

You've planted a tree...fantastic! What do you need to do next?

Well, it's not easy being green, especially for a young tree in a city. A tree's needs sound simple: healthy soil, air, water and sunlight. But in cities like Los Angeles, these needs can be hard to come by.

That's where you can help.

Follow these basic tree care tips to ensure that the trees you plant grow and mature:

1. Weed

Pull any weeds that grow within 4 feet of your tree.

2. Check the stake

Check the tree stake to make sure it is not rubbing or damaging the tree.

3. Check the ties

Check the tree ties to make sure they are secure, but allow some tree movement. Trees will grow a stronger room system and trunk if allowed some wiggle room.

4. Mulch

Keep a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch on the soil around your tree. Do not place any mulch up against the trunk of your tree. See our mulching guidelines for more information.

5. Water

Check out our watering guidelines to find out how much and how often to water your tree.


More tree care tips and resources

For tips on caring for your mature trees, see the Trees are Good and Treelink websites.

We can also refer you to our list of arborists and tree care professionals located in Los Angeles.