How to Capture Rainwater

Did you know you can capture rainwater as a valuable resource? 

There are many solutions to use at your home or business to help harvest rainwater that falls on your property so it doesn't become wasted runoff.

The water can then either soak down into the soil to recharge (replenish) groundwater supplies. Or you can collect and store the water for irrigating your trees and plants in dry weather. 

Although this information was written to assist Los Angeles residents, it can be applied to Southern California and areas beyond.

Why does Los Angeles need to capture rainwater?

As we all know, rainfall is scarce in L.A., and the area's thirst for water is growing. Unfortunately, conventional land development practices – covering the city with hard, impermeable surfaces – leave few places where rain can soak into the ground. More...

What is TreePeople doing to help?

TreePeople's work is about inspiring people to transform their cities into Functioning Community Forests. This is done in part by implementing technologies that help mimic natural water cycles in urban areas. By implementing these "rain-capturing" or "water-harvesting" practices, we are taking steps to solve our area's water issues.

Read more about the benefits of capturing rainwater.

How can you help?

Whether you are a student, a renter or homeowner, or if you are working with a commercial or industrial property, you can begin implementing rain-capturing practices. Working together, we can create a more sustainable Southern California.

TreePeople has compiled information about steps you can take to harvest rainwater. Some are easy and inexpensive. Others require more planning and resources.

You can...

Take simple steps


Take bigger steps