How can I offset my Christmas tree footprint?

By taking great care of your Christmas tree while it is indoors, and paying careful attention to planning for where it will be planted outdoors, a living Christmas tree can work well.  

Before you proceed, think about the species - citrus do well here in Southern California and have natural ornaments! At the same time, you need to clearly identify the final "home" for your tree. If the tree is intended to be given away after the holiday, you'll need to get the consent of the "adopting family" (agency, landowner, etc.) as well as an agreement about who will maintain the tree at its final location.


TreePeople says it takes five years to plant a tree. Putting it in the ground is the easy part. Ensuring it survives takes a bit more sustained and conscious effort. But of course your planning and care pay off in beauty, shade, food, birds, health, and a more sustainable environment.