Fruit Tree Program

TreePeople has a long history of connecting communities with trees. In 1984, distributing fruit trees to low-income communities in Los Angeles became an important part of this mission. Since then, we've distributed tens of thousands of fruit trees to be planted in back yards as well as in public orchards on school campuses and community gardens throughout L.A. County.

Why Fruit Trees?

Fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet, but for residents of low-income neighborhoods, fresh produce is often difficult to access and can be prohibitively expensive. Planted in the winter months, bare-root fruit trees can produce fruit as early as the following summer. These trees are easy to care for and can produce abundant food for up to 40 years; they also clean the air and water, and provide shade, beauty and oxygen.

How Does The Program Work?

Generous donations from TreePeople sponsors make the purchase and distribution of these trees possible. These sponsorships allow community partners and public orchards to receive fruit trees at no cost.  

Family Distributions

Currently TreePeople is working directly with our partner organizations in Huntington Park, the Northeast San Fernando Valley, Inglewood, and Watts to distribute fruit trees to local families at Fruit Tree Festivals that feature fun, food and hands-on education.

We welcome volunteers to support these distrubutions at prep days, where we get the trees ready for distribution, and on the day of the festival. To register to volunteer for any of these events, please go to our calendar and look for events titled "Fruit Tree Distribution Festival Prep Day" or "Fruit Tree Distrbution Festival." Fruit tree distributions are scheduled for January and February of 2015.

Public Orchards

TreePeople’s Fruit Tree Program is dedicated to help people grow fresh fruit as efficiently and as abundantly as possible.  This includes many kinds of group efforts to grow fruit trees in our urban setting including school and community gardens and orchards.  TreePeople supplies a wide variety of fruit tree species, provides expertise in orchard design, support for community events, training, and fruit tree care education. 

What Kind of Fruit Trees are Distributed?

All the fruit trees distributed thrive in Southern California’s climate. We typically offer apple, apricot, nectarine, peach and plum. These deciduous trees are bare-root (without soil) and must be planted within several days of distribution.

For more information on the Fruit Tree program, please contact Jessika Mitchell at or (818) 623-4875.

To donate to the Fruit Tree program, please contact or call (818) 753-4631.

To learn about tree pests and diseases affecting fruit trees, click here.