Forestry Programs

One person planting and caring for a single tree can transform a backyard. Hundreds of thousands of people growing millions of healthy trees in Los Angeles could transform our region – and create a model of sustainability for the world.

TreePeople’s Forestry programs mobilize volunteers to help solve L.A.’s toughest environmental problems by spreading the healing effects of trees across our urban landscape and surrounding mountains.

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Take a closer look at TreePeople's Forestry programs and find out how you can join our movement to establish a Functioning Community Forest in every neighborhood of L.A.

Why plant trees?

U.S. cities have lost 20 percent of their trees during the past decade, resulting in $234 billion in environmental and health problems. Large-scale greening projects, incorporating tree plantings and tree care, can: clean our air, clean and replenish our water supplies, reduce energy consumption, mitigate the effects of global warming and more.

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Sustainable Solutions

TreePeople has begun work on a specialized training to help people grow the urban forest at home. For now, see our tips on sustainable landscape transformation.

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