Angeles Forest Restoration

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 9:00am - 1:00pm

Angeles National Forest

Join Forest Aid – a massive volunteer effort to replant and restore the fire-damaged areas of the Angeles National Forest. We will be weeding, mulching and watering the seedlings that were planted in the past seasons, to help them make it through the drought. 

IMPORTANT: This event is only open to volunteers 15 years of age and older due to the sensitivity of the site and the physicality involved in the work we will be doing.

• Restore wildlife habitat in fire-damaged areas 
• Prevent dangerous erosion 
• Clean our air 
• Restore the forest’s pristine beauty 

This Experience Will Provide: 
• Your own legacy in our National Forest 
• A meaningful family project 
• Greater understanding of forest ecology & water 
• A fun outing in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles 

About Forest Aid: 
The U.S. Forest Service and TreePeople have partnered to restore the fire damaged areas of the National Forest. This partnership is based on a simple belief: That a single person planting a single tree can help revitalize fire-damaged areas, effect climate change, clean the air, capture rainwater and build a sense of community. Forest Aid’s mission is to replant and revitalize the mountains of Southern California.

Event Type
Volunteer Event
Volunteer Interests
Mountain Planting and Restoration
Tree Care
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