Drought Response Park Tree Care - SUPERVISORS ONLY

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Griffith Park


Calling all Supervisors! TreePeople's Forestry team needs your help!

We need all you experts in helping restore a portion of Griffith Park that is being taken over by invasive species. Along with invasive removal, we have over 60 California native Oaks that are showing sever signs of stress due to our current drought. When discussing this project, it was decided that we needed the experience, passion and know how of our amazing supervisors to tackle this 2 acre section of Griffith Park.

Please email Nicole Liner-Jigamian at volunteer@treepeople.org to register!


If you're reading this and not a supervisor, don't feel left out. You too can join the ranks of the forestry elite! To become a supervisor, you must participate in at least two events and go through our supervisor training. Please note that to become a Volunteer Supervisor you must participate in two urban forestry events and to become a Restoration Supervisor you must participate in two Santa Monica Mountain Restoration events. If you have fulfilled these qualifications, check out our calendar and look for events highlighted in pink, titled Santa Monica Restoration Supervisor Training or Volunteer Supervisor Training.

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