Drought Response

With our beautiful blue skies and gorgeous sun-filled days, it is hard to feel like there is a drought emergency. The fact is, Los Angeles faces a long-term water crisis as our region is projected to continue a drying trend. The good news is, there’s so much we can do:


...cut our outdoor water consumption and use that water instead on newly planted trees.
...capture the rain that does fall in rain barrels and tanks.
...plant climate-appropriate and native plants.
...volunteer and lead at tree planting and care events in our neighborhoods and local mountains.
...educate ourselves and talk to others.




TreePeople’s Sustainable Solutions Program is dedicated to landscape transformation - turning
yards into functional landscapes that are beautiful and sustainable.

WATER CONSERVATION: Learn to conserve water outdoors and still keep your natives and climate appropriate plants thriving. Get rid of thirsty lawns and eliminate water-wasting sprinklers.

SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPING: Learn to plant climate-appropriate and native plants and trees
to create beautiful resilient landscapes.

RAIN CAPTURE: Learn to capture the rain that does fall by installing rain barrels, cisterns, and putting in rain gardens where you live, work, and play.
Sign up for the  Drought Solutions Tour & Native Plant Walk or Community Sustainability Workshop to learn how to transform your landscape:

Community Sustainability Workshop: September  13, 2014


Get involved in your community and volunteer to protect our city’s trees.
Our volunteer programs range from tree care in your neighborhood to becoming a leader in your community by organizing tree plantings and tree care events.

VOLUNTEER: Get involved and volunteer at TreePeople tree planting and tree care events in LA neighborhoods and local mountains. http://www.treepeople.org/calendar/2014-07
COMMUNITY TREE CARE TEAM TRAININGS: Adopt trees at home, on your street, in your parks and/or  schools to water and care for them through the summer and beyond.  http://www.treepeople.org/volunteer

TREEMAPLA.ORG: Map the trees in your neighborhood on www.treemapla.org and create alerts showing which trees need water and care and map your watershed solutions.


Your tax-deductible donation makes a difference to the future health of our city
Text “TREE“ 80888 to give $10 towards our drought response efforts.