Does TreePeople plant in my neighborhood?

TreePeople works all across the county of Los Angeles and the surrounding mountains, helping volunteer community leaders organize tree plantings in their neighborhoods. Our volunteers have succeeded in planting more than 2 million trees across L.A. County over the last 36 years. Though our offices are located in the lush forest environment of Coldwater Canyon Park, the vast majority of our planting work has taken place on school campuses, along city streets, in Southern California's mountains, and in parks all over the greater L.A. area.

We are very much aware of the regional inequalities in the tree canopy. In fact, TreePeople is using a recently published study of the different densities of tree cover in the city of Los Angeles to guide our work with the Million Trees initiative. Since fall of 2006, we have been holding our Citizen Forester training workshops in two of the areas with the least tree cover in the city (the Northeast San Fernando Valley and the L.A. Harbor area) in order to make these trainings more convenient and accessible for residents of these areas.

You can read more about the tree canopy research here:  

In addition, knowing that there are often complex societal obstacles that can impede people's desires to green their neighborhoods, we have hired Regional Forestry Managers" in the Northeast Valley and Harbor areas. By hiring more local residents of these areas into our staff, and ultimately setting up regional TreePeople satellite offices, we intend to identify and remedy address cultural and economic roadblocks in these locations and thereby help lead the way to a greener, healthier community. As we learn from the development of our regional model in these two target areas, we hope to be able to reproduce it elsewhere in the city.

But there's no need to wait for a regional office to be set up in your neighborhood! Our Citizen Forester program is open to anyone who has an idea of where you want to start a tree planting project, no matter what part of the county you live in. We invite you to consider what areas of your community strike you as the highest priority for planting, and then attend our next Citizen Forester training to learn how to get permits, donations, and community momentum in order to turn your visions of a greener Los Angeles into a reality.