Design charrettes

TreePeople’s demonstration projects often begin with a design charrette, where key players in the project gather to map out a creative vision for the site. This involves assessing the site’s needs and brainstorming sustainable solutions that will restore the healthy functions of a forest to it.

Where does the term charrette come from?

Members of the school of architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris coined the term charrette at the end of the nineteenth century. The faculty would assign design problems so difficult that only a few students could solve them in the allotted time. When the time was up, a cart, or charrette, was rolled past the drafting tables to collect the students' work, completed or not.

What does it mean today?

Today, a charrette refers to a rigorous brainstorming session – a meeting of the minds. Charrettes take place in many fields, from architecture and urban planning to museum and theme park design.

TreePeople’s charrettes

Read more about some of the charrettes conducted by our T.R.E.E.S. Project and Natural Urban Systems Group: