Demonstration projects

Cities across the U.S. have an overabundance of hard surfaces; many of them also suffer from a lack of trees.

The result? Environments that are not well suited for utilizing local rainfall. Instead, stormwater runoff flows across hard surfaces into waterways and the ocean – picking up trash, pesticides and other pollutants along the way.

Through demonstration projects that use best management practices to collect and reuse stormwater, TreePeople shows it is possible to create Functioning Community Forests to restore nature’s cycles in urban areas. 

With our partners, we have successfully planned and implemented several demonstration projects in the Los Angeles area, including:

These projects illustrate the benefits of integrated partnerships and planning, including: reduced risk from flooding and pollution, reduced water importation, reduced energy use, improved water quality, increased green space and job opportunities.

Under ideal circumstances, these demonstration projects can capture approximately 1.5 million gallons during a one-inch rainfall, with the water stored for irrigation or released into the soil for groundwater recharge.

That’s a start, but there’s a long way to go!

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