Community Tree Care Teams

Is the health of the urban forest important to you?

Form a Community Tree Care Team!

Community Tree Care Teams are made up of community members who come together with the common goal of caring for trees on their local streets, schools, and parks so that they thrive.


Community Tree Care Teams receive training from TreePeople on the maintenance needs of the trees in their community, how to create a maintenance plan, and how to care for trees. After the training community members use TreePeople’s Tree Care Assessment tool to map their trees and record maintenance needs. Once the Team creates a plan to care for the trees it’s ready to go to work. TreePeople supports the Team’s initial event to make sure the team is prepared to properly care for the trees, then the Team can care for the trees on their own schedule with TreePeople providing tools and answering questions as needed.


In order to start a team you must go through our free Community Tree Care Team training. This training can be scheduled for a time and location convenient for your team. Afterwards you will be asked to report back to TreePeople the work you are doing in your community.


Access to TreePeople tools and expertise, healthy and beautiful trees in your community, and the great feeling of giving back to your community.

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